Oracle 12c Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Install and setup

  • Introduction and benefits of Oracle ASM.
  • Oracle ASM 12c software installation and configuration (Grid Infrastructure).
  • Partitioning Disks in LINUX.
  • Oracle ASMLib Utility for managing ASM Disk Storage.
  • Oracle 12c ASMCA (ASM Configuration Assistant).
  • ASM Parameter file, ASM Instance and working with DISKGROUPS.
  • Querying ASM Information.
  • Creating Database Files using ASM.

Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Mirroring Disks

  • Understanding ASM Disk Redundancy (Mirroring).
  • Learn about the three levels of ASM redundancy.
  • How Oracle manages ASM Disk failures.
  • How to replace a failed ASM disk with a new disk.
  • ASM Disk Rebalancing operations.

Oracle 12c Real Application Clusters (RAC)

  • Components of an Oracle RAC environment.
  • Understand the various storage, network and hardware requirements in Oracle RAC
  • Setup two Linux servers in a network before creating a 2-Node Oracle RAC database.
  • Pre-requisites for Oracle RAC installations.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Grid Infrastructure in cluster mode.
  • Understand the functionality of Oracle Clusterware storage (Voting Disk, OCR Disk).
  • How to backup and restore Oracle Clusterware storage (Voting Disk, OCR Disk).

RAC Database connections

  • Creation of an Oracle 12c Multi-tenant RAC database and instances using ASM storage.
  • Differences between a RAC database and the non-RAC database (single instance).
  • How to change initialization parameters for an Oracle RAC database.
  • Advantages of Oracle Single client access name (SCAN) in RAC database connections.
  • Understand and perform connection failovers of SCAN Listeners and Local Listeners.
  • Understand database services for Oracle RAC in a multi-tenant architecture.
  • Oracle Net Services configuration for a cluster database.

Oracle 12c RAC database backup and recovery

  • How to backup Oracle RAC databases using RMAN Utility.

How to perform common administration operations in RAC databases

  • How to use the cluster verify utility for performing health checks in Oracle RAC.
  • How to utilize Global performance views (GV$ views) in monitoring RAC instances.
  • How to terminate database sessions in Oracle RAC.
  • How to clear database transactional row level locks in Oracle RAC.
  • How to perform Oracle database export and import operations in cluster mode.
  • Understand the new Oracle OPatchauto tool introduced in Oracle 12c.

Oracle 12c Data Guard

  • Introduction to Oracle 12c Data Guard and its various protection modes.
  • How to enable an Oracle database to belong to a Data Guard configuration.
  • Understand the initialization parameter requirements of Primary and Standby databases.
  • Create a physical standby database using Primary database full RMAN backup.
  • How to configure a Primary database to become a future standby database.

Managing a Data Guard Environment

  • Understand Oracle data dictionary views for monitoring Log Shipping and Log Apply.
  • Introduction to Oracle Data Guard broker (DGMGRL) utility.
  • Advantages of DGMGRL over the traditional sqlplus utility.
  • How to create a Data Guard Broker configuration.
  • How to perform a switchover operation using Data Guard Broker.