Selecom Multi-Skills Academy

Skill for Kids is a new Mantra for the today's Successful youngsters. Selecom Multi-Skills Academy provides Multi-Skill courses to the school going Children. ABACUS, MENTAL MATHS, BRAIN POWER, SELF DEFENSE, SPEED WRITING & HAND WRITING IMPROVEMENT are some of the courses that give every kid a super power they always see in their favorite cartoon shows. The Children are trained in an environment full of joy and entertainment, they don't take these courses as burden. There is no HOME-WORK pressure on the students or parents. 

ABACUS tools are used to give kids a mental power to use the left side of brain that is to apply the logical operations and to control the right side of the body. Starting from 02 digits the kids will start operating upto 17 digits number on abacus without using a pen/paper or calculator.

VEDIK MATHS is an ancient technique to process the numbers and to use tricks to come up with the results very fast. Once the kids learn to apply the vedik maths tricks to the numbers they will start remembering the tables of not less than 5 digits. Yes, There is power in our thoughts and thoughts can create energy and that is how this technique works.

HAND WRITING is a kind of mirror that shows the intelligence/creative of oneself. There are people in the world those guess the character and mind set of someone just after looking at their hand writing. We at our Skill-Academy train the students mentally and physically to use the creativity in the hand writing. There are many ways to write and one with the marginal and alignmental writing always wins the battle. The specially designed handwriting-improvement booklets are used to help students improve handwriting.

SELF-DEFENSE is not for female kids only. Its being observed that crime with the kids are occurring due to negligence of providing right social education and way of defending themselves to the kids by the parents and teachers. If we parents/teachers equips our kids with the self-defense tools/etiquette , this graph will surely fall. Selecom Multi-Skills Academy train the kids to defend trhemselves from any normal and abnormal attack. The knowledge of good and bad touch, the security measures when keeping alone at home or anywhere are also the part of this training.

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