PHP(PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) 


PHP is a server side scripting language which is used for web development but also use as a general purpose programming language. In 1995 PHP founded by "Rasmus Lerdrof". PHP is a powerful tool which is used for dynamic websites. It's open source to use. With PHP we also use SQL(Structure Query Language) for data management. Selecom has designed a Course that makes trainees able to construct-design-develop an effective Dynamic Website.


Benefit of learning PHP  From Selecom Technology


Course Content


  • Evolution of PHP
  • Installation of server (xamp/wamp)
  • Structure of PHP
  • What are variable and how to declare?
  • Data types in php
  • How to get output?
  • Operators
    • (Arithmetic, Assignment, Logical, Comparison, Increment/Decrement, String operator)
  • How to apply condition in PHP
    • (If, else, elseif, switch )
  • How to apply loops?
    • (for, while, Do/while, Foreach)
  • Functions
  • Date and Time Function
  • Arrays
  • Sorting array
  • Form in php
    • (Validation, URL/E-mail, Required)
  • MYSQL Database and PHP code
  • File Handling in Php
    • (create/write, open, read and upload)

SQL(Structure Query Language)

  • Introduction to SQL
  • SQL data types
  • SQL Commands
    • DML(Data manipulation language)
    • DCL(Data Control Language)
    • DDL(Data Definition Language)
  • Operators in SQL
    • (Arithmetic, Assignment, Bitwise, Compound, Logical,)
  • SQL comments
  • Working with Dates
  • How to create relationship between different data with the help of keys
    • (Primary key, Super key, Candidate key, Foreign key, Alternate, composite, Unique)

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