IT CourseAndroid Application And Development


The Concept of Super Encapsulated Programming

  • The Object Model and the Class Blue Print
  • Encapsulation
  • Method, Class and Package level binding

Building Blocks of OOPs

  • Character Set
  • Variable/ Constant
  • Identifiers
  • Data Types
  • Operators(Arithmetic,Relational, Logical, Unary, Bit wise etc )
  • Plateform (Tools and Rules)

Programming with Java (Required Part for Android)

  • Installing and preparing the JDK for JAVA
  • Class declaration
  • Use of Output methods
  • Use of Public Static Void Main and The String Array
  • Running your First Java Application

Decision Making (Branching)

  • One Way (If)
  • Two Way (If-else)
  • Multi way (if-else if-else)
  • Switch Case

Looping Construct

  • Single For Loop
  • While Loop
  • Do-While Loop
  • Nesting of the Loops
  • Printing Different Symbols in Different Shapes

Encapsulation using Methods

  • Function syntax
  • Return Type Functions
  • Function Overloading
  • Constructors
  • Constructor Overloading
  • Static Methods
  • Static and Non-Static Blocks

Putting Classes Together

  • Multiple Classes Access
  • Inheritance
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • Function Over ridding
  • Securing data of a table

Exception Handling

  • Try-Catch
  • Finally
  • Throws and Throw

Pixel Programming with Applet

  • Applet and Graphics class
  • DrawLine, drawRect,drawRoundRect, drawOval, drawArc
  • Filling the objects
  • Setting colors to the objects
  • APP: Smiling Face


  • Creating a Package
  • CLASSPATH for pack
  • Putting classes into the Package
  • Using Multiple classes in a package


  • Using Interface
  • Implementing interface
  • Multiple inheritance


Getting Started with Android

What Is Android?

  • Brief History of Embedded Device Programming
  • Open Handset Alliance and Android Introduction to Android

Downloading and Installing Eclipse

  • Why Eclipse?
  • Downloading and Installing the JRE/jdk
  • Downloading and Installing Eclipse

Downloading and Installing the Android SDK

  • Downloading the Android SDK
  • Downloading and Installing the Android Plug-in for Eclipse
  • Configuring the Android Plug-in for Eclipse

Android Stack

  • Overview of the stack
  • Linux Kernel
  • Native Libraries
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine

Exploring the Android SDK

  • Platforms
  • Tools
  • Versions
  • Android Application Life Cycle

Hello World Application

  • Creating the first Android Application
  • Examining the Android-Created Files
  • Referenced Libraries
  • The manifest File
  • Layout Resources
  • Running the application on emulator
  • Using an Image in The Application
  • Using ImageView for Image-HelloWorls App
  • Different Image file (Extensions) Support on Android
  • App: HelloAndroid

Main Building Blocks

  • Default Packages
  • Importing Required Packages
  • Activities
  • Activity LifeCycle
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers

Working on and Preparing Android User Interface

  • XML Layout Files
  • Java Files for UI
  • Dips, DPI, DP and SPs
  • Views and Layouts
  • Setting Content View
  • Basic UI Components
  • Performing and Handling user events
  • Drawable folders

Android Apps Building

  • Declaring Variables
  • Using TextView for values to be printed
  • Using Conditions
  • Using Looping constructs in Android
  • APP: NumComparison

Designing an Application

  • Implementation of Widgets
  • Using Radio Buttons
  • Setting Properties, Color etc with widgets
  • Drawing Buttons
  • Performing events using buttons
  • APP: TempConvertia

Android: Multiple Rows Scrolling

  • Using for loop to get Multiple values in Textview
  • Using The ScrollView Layout
  • Scrolling the text or Values
  • APP: Scroll AppNumbers

Android Menu Items

  • Using Menus
  • Designing Menus in Java
  • Designing Menus in XML
  • Click Event on Menus
  • onItemSelectedMenu
  • Images on Menus
  • APP: MenuTenuApp

Android Table Layout

  • Using Table Layout
  • Putting Buttons in Rows
  • Creating spans in columns
  • Spanning buttons in Columns
  • APP: Toggling the Button
  • Android Layout Understanding

    • Linear Layout
    • Scroll Layout
    • List Layout
    • Table Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • Relative Layout
    • Absolute Layout
    • APP: MyFormDesig

    Android: Dialog Creation

    • Alert Dialog
    • Dialog Builder
    • Negative-Positive Button management
    • Popping TOAST
    • APP: Activity CloserApp

    Advanced UI

    • Creating Lists
    • Array Adapters
    • AutoComplete TextViews
    • DropDown Spinners
    • Drop Down View Resource
    • APP:CourseChoser

    Android: Play with Multimedia

    • Multimedia supported audio formats
    • Simple Media Playback
    • Supported Video Formats
    • Simple Video Playback
    • APP: My KollveryDi

    Android: E-Book (PDF Opener)

    • Accessing File Objects
    • Reading files from SDC
    • ActivtyNotFoundExcption
    • APP:MyFavBook

    Implicit Intents

    • Setting manifest for permission
    • Invoking Phone Dialler
    • Invoking Web Browser
    • Invoking google MAP
    • Invoking Contacts
    • APP: MyPersApp

    Explicit Intents

    • Setting manifest for permission
    • Creating second xml
    • Creating second Java
    • Buttons to call java class
    • Invoking Other Activity
    • APP: MyIntentiaApp


    Perfection in Advanced AndroidCustom Content Providers

    • Why content Providers
    • Where the contents come from
    • Implementing the API supporting content files
    • APP: ReadPhoneNums


    • Overview of services in Android
    • Implementing a service
    • Service lifecycle

    Location Services

    • Working with the location Manager
    • LastKnownLocation
    • GetBestProvider
    • Finding an specified location
    • APP: FindmylocApp

    Google Map in Location Services

    • Getting API Key From Google
    • Integrating API Code to the XML file
    • Using MapActivity to show googleMAP
    • Moving pointer to a specified location
    • APP: ShowMeOnMap

    Broadcast Receivers

    • What are broadcast receiver
    • Implementing broadcast receiver
    • System broadcasts and how to use them

    Hardware Buttons Actions

    • Creating Smart Menus
    • Scrolling Menus
    • Action on Back Btn
    • Overriding HW Button’s Action.
    • Action Using HeadPhone’s Button
    • APP: OverSmartM

    Sensors (Accelerometer)

    • How sensors work
    • Listening to sensor reading
    • Best Practices for performance
    • SensorManager Activity
    • APP: ShaketoChangeCol


    • Checking WIFI Device
    • Using WifiManager
    • Making WIFI ON or OFF
    • APP: GetConnToNet


    • Using Implicit Intent to Invoke Phone Dialler
    • Using Intent to Make Calls
    • Dial to a number entered in EditText Box.
    • Using App on Real Device
    • APP: DailAFriendApp


    • Invoking The Camera through Intent
    • Path to reach the Camera Hardware Driver
    • APP: ClickAPic

    Blue Tooth

    • Checking local BT device
    • Enabling the BT Device
    • Discovering the bonded Devices
    • APP: BilluOnDev


    SQLite Data base

    • Introduction to SQLite3
    • Running SQlite3 using ADB shell
    • Getting Info for Database, Tables and Schemas etc
    • Selecting data, Restricting Rows, Normalization implementation
    • Data Manipulation Statements using Insert, Update and Delete Statements
    • Data Definition Language using Alter, Create and Drop
    • Seeking Help in SQLite3
    • Using Mode with List, line, column HTML,CSV
    • Using Header ON/OFF
    • Using Functions
    • Introducing SQLite in Android
    • SQLite OpenHelper and creating a database
    • Opening and closing a Database
    • Working with cursors Inserts, Updates, and deletes
    • APP: MyStudentsList

    Work With Tablet

    • Get your Apps on TabletPC
    • Get Connected with Tablet HoneyComb or Ice-Cream-Sandwich

    Work With Your Android Phone

    • Get your Apps on Phone
    • Get Connected with Phones GingerBread or Butter-Scotch
    • App Transfer Among Hand Sets


    01 Project class room Based Real Project.