Oracle 12C DBA Upgrade Certification Course

This Oracle 12C Database Administration course is designed by Oracle Corporation (Oracle Education Wing) to prepare a trainees who has completed 11G OCA certification for handing complex database operations including SQL Queries, Administration, Backup-Recovery and Performance Tuning. If some one has aquired 11G OCA credit , then this course prepares him/her for upgrade exam 1Z0-067 that helps to get OCP 12C credit. 03 Exams 1Z0-051, 1Z0-052 and 1Z0-067 will help trainees to get OCP 12C certificate.

After Oracle 12c DBA course, The Database Professionals can move towards 12c RAC, 12C ASM, 12C Data Guard, and Golden Gate technologies also.

Benefit of learning Oracle 12C DBA Upgrade International Certification Course   From Selecom Technology


Course Content

Multitenant Environment

Multitenant Container and Pluggable Database Architecture

  • Describe multitenant architecture
  • Explain pluggable database concepts

Installing Multitenant Container Databases software on GUI OS

  • Create and configure a CDB
  • Create a PDB while Installing Software
  • Logging  on CDB s
  • Logging on PDBs

Managing CDBs and PDBs

  • Establish connections to a CDB/PDB
  • Start up and shut down a CDB
  • Open and Close a PDB

Managing Storage in a CDB and PDBs

  • Getting Familiar with Files in CDBs
  • Getting Familiar with Files in PDBs

Managing Security in a CDB and PDBs

  • Manage common and local users
  • Manage common and local privileges
  • Manage common and local roles
  • Enable common users to access data in specific PDBs
  • Use other products with a CDB and PDBs like switching between CDB and PDB

Database Administration

 Getting Started with  Oracle Database 12c

  • Startup a Database in different Modes
  • Shutting down a database
  • Altering session to PDB
  • Checking all PDBs and their Status (Mount/Read Write)

Managing Your Database with Enterprise Manager

  • EM Database Express
  • Opening EM in Browser
  • Configuration EM Database Express with the DBCA
  • Navigating EM Database Express
  • Dashboard
  • Configuration page
  • Storage page
  • Security Page
  • Performance page

Creating and Managing Users in PDB and CDB

Monitoring and Managing Memory using Storage Management

  • Create and maintain tablespaces
  • Concepts of Data Blocks
  • Understanding Segments
  • Understanding Extents
  • Creating Database while creating a Tablespace
  • Making tablespace autoextend

Getting Familiar With SQL Queries

  • Selecom Statements
  • Putting conditions
  • Order by with ASC and DESC
  • Using functions in select queries
  • Joins (getting data from multiple tables together)
  • Using subqueries to get TOP-N analysis
  • Creating a table with different Data Types
  • Inserting data and making it updated
  • Difference between char, varchar and varchar2

Managing Database Performance

  • Shrink Space Table wise
  • Shrink space with cascade
  • Using Resumable Session with default timeline (7200 sec)
  • Using Resumable Session with user defined timeline
  • Compiling an Schema

Backup and Recovery

Understanding threats to your Database

Finding files with recovery Manager

Backup CDB with RMAN

Viewing Backup Information

Backup PDB

Flashing back             

Flashing your query back

Oracle 12C Recyclebin

Multitenant Architecture and pluggable Databases

Gathering Knowledge of Real Application Clusters

Understanding Oracle Data Guard & ASM

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