Java Script & JQuery


Web design is a process of conceptualizing, planning, and building a collection of electronic files that determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to a web site visitors. In this course the trainee learns to develop a website performing some actions or events with the functions of java script & JQuery. Trainees will work on More than 1 projects and the project certificate will also be issued on successful submission of the project.

Benefit of learning Java Script and JQuery  From Selecom Technology


Course Content

Java Script

  • Evolution of Java Script
  • Where and how we use Java Script?
  • How to display the text or output?
  • Concept of data types in Java Script
  • What are variables & How to declare?
  • Operator in java script
    • (Arithmetic, Assignment, String, Comparison, Logical, Bitwise)
  • How to use functions in java script?
  • How to do some events on HTML elements.
  • String ,numbers and its method
  • How to mathematics formulas or equations in java script?
  • How to get date in java script on webpage?
  • Array in java script
  • Array methods
  • Array sorting
  • How to apply condition in java script
    • (if, else, elseif, switch, nested if )
  • Loops in java script
    • (For, For/In, While, Do/While)
  • How to handle errors in java script/
  • How to validate form/
  • Some reserved words


  • Overview of jQuery
  • Downloading jQuery
  • Selectors in jQuery
  • Attributes in jQuery
  • jQuery Events Method
    • Mouse Events
    • Key-Board Events
    • Form Events
    • Document/Window Events
  • Creative effects in jQuery
    • jQuery Hide/Show
    • jQuery fade
    • jQuery Slide
    • jQuery Animate
    • jQuery Stop Animations
    • jQuery Call Back Functions
    • jQuery Chain Method
  • jQuery DOM Manipulation
    • jQuery Get
    • jQuery Set
    • jQuery Add
    • jQuery Remove
    • jQuery CSS Classes
    • jQuery css()
    • jQuery Dimensions
  • jQuery traversing
    • jQuery Traversing
    • jQuery Ancestors
    • jQuery Descendants
    • jQuery Siblings
    • Filtering in jQuery
  • Problem Session

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